On an exciting path to expansion that marks a new chapter in the history of KPG Inc. We are happy to announce our acquisition of Zelkova Tech, a leading firm in Madrid, Spain. This great step opens the door not only to new geographical frontiers but also to brand recognition strategies in the competitive European market. This strategic move not only strengthens KPG’s presence in Europe, but also marks the beginning of the transition of the Zelkova Tech brand to KPG Europe, a merger that promises innovation, technological solutions and the latest trends in the digital world.

A Glance at the Expansion

Madrid-España-4 torres-negocios

Benefits for the European Market

KPG’s expansion into Spain not only means a physical presence in Europe, but also carries a promise of innovation and quality. KPG aims to offer technology, IT consulting and outsourcing services with a special focus on hiring resources directly from Latin America, highlighting the professionalism, quality and talent of its human capital. This unique approach will not only strengthen diversity in the workplace, but will also allow KPG to offer technological solutions tailored to the specific needs of the European market.

A Promising Future

With this strategic acquisition, KPG is not only expanding its geographic borders, but is also positioning its brand in the challenging European territory, strengthening its commitment to excellence in technology and outsourcing services. The new headquarters in Madrid, Spain, not only represents a gateway to this market, but also a starting point for innovative collaborations and interesting projects that will benefit both clients and collaborators.

KPG Europa

The brand transition from Zelkova Tech to KPG Europe marks an important chapter in KPG’s history. With this expansion, KPG is prepared to overcome geographical and cultural limits, providing top-level technological solutions to the European market. We have high expectations for exploring the opportunities for collaboration that will arise at this stage in our history.


Welcome to the new era of KPG in Europe!