Project Management

Project management provides strategic support to small, medium and large companies, IT organizations, or any other organization whose business is relevant to project management. Our management service allows a personalized involvement per project and per organization. We provide strategic value and increase in a real way the chances of success in each project.

IT Project Management

We have the best management talent in the technology area, we have the manager you need. Our business model adapts to your requirements. You decide the number of experts, the modality of work and the duration of the service. We are sure that we have the IT management you need.

Decrease the time it takes to hire personnel. We will assign you one of our experts focused on the area you need.

Our collaboration service allows you to focus on your company’s core business, achieving higher performance in strategic areas.

Our experts have specific knowledge in areas of information technology, so we ensure quality and professionalism.

Our service adapts to changes in the labor market. We work with the conditions that your project requires during the time you determine.


Collaboration in IT projects

Inquiry taking

One of our specialists will get to know what your project consists of in order to detect talent needs.

Profile Design

Based on the requirements, the profile of the specialist and the conditions for collaboration will be designed.

Presentation of managers

Some options of our experts available to collaborate are provided.

Talent Assignment

Once the specialist has been selected, start and end dates for the collaboration are established.


IT Managements and Functions available


Frontend Developer: Expert in usability, accessibility and user experience, working with tools such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


Backend Developer: Expert in dynamic component programming, working with programming languages such as Java, Php, Phyton, etc.


Fullstack Developer: Expert in frontend and backend development, operating systems and programming languages.


Project Manager: Responsible for monitoring activities, assigning tasks, resources and budgets to IT projects, ensuring compliance in a timely manner.


UX/UI Designer: Specialist focused on the design of application interfaces based on user experience, usability and interaction principles.


DataBase Administrator: Specialist in database management, performance, maintenance and reliability. He is in charge of the improvement and design of new models.

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Mobile-First Responsive Design is a combination of philosophies/strategies and ultimately boils down to a broader application of good best practices. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, KPG has dedicated itself to designing experiences that work across the spectrum of digital devices.

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+16 years of development and maintenance of applications that manage social welfare cases and audit the use of federal funds.

Xiloh LMS technology implemented by a leader in electronic transactions for the training of the company's internal personnel and suppliers.

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