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BI data warehousing solutions

KPG offers BI (Business Intelligence) data warehousing solutions to aid the creation of central repository data warehouses, enabling the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for diverse information from various sources, such as apps, systems, platforms, channels, and departments.

End-to-end BI services

KPG provides comprehensive BI services to ensure the integrity of your data by migrating legacy data, integrating raw data silos and modernizing data infrastructure. Our solutions also include intuitive data modeling, visualizations and database architecture design for all enterprise systems.

BI platform services

We help you manage your mission-critical data for optimal information. Our professional BI staff design service-oriented architectures (SOA) and program robust platforms for data discovery / mining, real-time reporting, big data processing, predictive analytics, decision support, executive dashboards, custom KPI tracking, performance scorecards and more.

BI Reporting Solutions

Our developers integrate BI solutions with your various software systems to enable real-time reporting with customized solutions that help you understand your data faster. We program functions for real-time queries to produce data-rich reports with data visualization of business object data across a multitude of chart styles.

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Digitization of processes

Best-in-Class “Mobile-First”

Mobile-First Responsive Design is a combination of philosophies/strategies and ultimately boils down to a broader application of good best practices. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, KPG has dedicated itself to designing experiences that work across the spectrum of digital devices.

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+16 years of development and maintenance of applications that manage social welfare cases and audit the use of federal funds.

Xiloh LMS technology implemented by a leader in electronic transactions for the training of the company's internal personnel and suppliers.

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