During the last few weeks, the social network Twitter has been undergoing constant changes to its processes. This is due to the decision of the platform’s CEO, Elon Musk, to change the name to “X” and blue branding to a black and white color palette.

Although the new logo has been displayed on both the web and mobile versions, the URL remains twitter and the term ” tweet” is still used by users. However, the app’s light mode has been removed, which some users have disliked.

Since Musk acquired the company, there have been a number of changes, including paid subscriptions, removal of verifications, and limits on the number of daily tweets. In such a way that the predictions of the platform will be oriented towards commerce, banking and online payments in the coming months, with the objective of diversifying its services.

On the other hand, the word used to refer to shared messages has changed from ” tweet” to “post”, the functionality remains the same. In summary, although the official site has shown the new logo in both the web and mobile versions, it is still displayed with the twitter URL and the changes have been in stages. It is important to note that the term “tweeting” continues to be implemented by users.

X aims to diversify its services which will include marketplace, audio and video content, payment options, and a wide variety of multimedia content, among other things. The platform seeks to become a fusion of various options for entertainment, business and experiences.

The million dollar question is what will the shared messages be called now that the platform is called X. For now, the word used will be “post”, as it has lost connection to what we knew as a “tweet”. Despite the changes, it still having the same functionality of sharing ideas. It is important to note that the term “tweeting” continues to be implemented by users.


Why was the “X” removed from Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters?

After the change of the brand, on July 30 at the Twitter headquarters San Francisco installed a giant blinking “X” across the top of the building. But over the weekend, the Department of Building Inspection and City Planning received 24 complaints about the structure without a permit.

What had as a consequence, that on Monday the authorities proceeded to withdraw it, by failing to comply with the regulations, in this regard Patrick Hannan, spokesman for the Department of Building Inspection said that “no permits are needed to remove letters or symbols from the building’s exterior sign. But any substitution of letters or symbols would require a permit to ensure consistency with the building’s historic character.”

In addition, “the construction of a structure on top of a building also requires a permit to ensure that the sign is solid and securely installed. Urban planning review and approval is also required for the installation of this sign. The city council is opening a complaint and starting an investigation” he added.