Historical record for a social network, is that just one week after being launched Threads has broken records of users interacting in it, what took Tik Tok months in just 5 days they have achieved Mark’s Meta team.

This new application is designed with a simple and fast interface, similar to Twitter, based on interacting with the public of the more organic and real way, through texts, photographs and/or videos.

One of its characteristics is that it is directly linked to Instagram, when you create it for the first time all the users that it includes will be your followers and non-followers of Instagram, with this comes a great policy of conditions and privacy.

Privacy Settings

When you first open the Threads profile, the user is asked if he wants a public or private profile, just like Instagram you can set the profile according to your preference, since many features are shared on both platforms. Then it asks you if you want to follow all your followers from the other social network, there you can accept or decline the request.

It should be noted that when you create the account you cannot delete it, since it is linked to When you decline your Instagram, your Instagram user is automatically deleted, but what you can do is deactivate the account in settings, which your user will be suspended depending on the time you want to apply this option, hiding threads, messages, and photos, but your account Instagram will remain active.

Blocked Users

When blocking a user in this social network it happens for both social networks, since the changes you make are interconnected, they happen simultaneously in both platforms.

Break time

Among its functions Threads is including “Take a break”< span style=”font-weight: 400;”> to allow users to manage their screen time by allowing a browsing limit on the home page.

Another cool feature of Threads is its mood feature, you can update your mood through emojis and colors, allowing you to express how you feel at any given moment without having to write a full message. This helps your friends understand your current mood and respond appropriately.

To sum up, Threads is a new social network that takes on Twitter as its competition< /b>, designed to connect you in a more real and unfiltered way, this application promises to offer a more personalized and meaningful communication experience, for now it does not allow advertising, the content displayed is 100% organic, there is no specific function for positioning or visibility</ b> is working so that you can show your followers and non-followers.

But if you’re looking for a way to keep a closer connection in the digital world, Threads is the answer you’ve been waiting for.