Companies always require best in class talent, especially within IT departments. Given how fast technology has sped up coupled with ever more rising over-head costs and mounting administration responsibilities, staff augmentation has not only become a much needed support for projects but an indispensable working-model for continued success.

In-fact, technology and global inter-connectivity come as an advantage to companies of all sizes to harness exceptional talent. Borders have become irrelevant, today the potential for remote work is at the fingertips of all business leaders and can be assembled instantaneously upon request.

Staff augmentation comes in many shapes, colors and flavours, but what remains constant are the skills and experience of people. Not all staff augmentation is delivered in the same way, however most often companies may find it difficult to choose the right vendor and navigate through this process of selection. To begin, perhaps it is not merely a vendor you seek but rather a strategic partner to work with you closely throughout your business journey.

What makes the right strategic partner for your staff augmentation? We take a peek into four main areas of competencies which a successful strategic partner must possess, for your company to realize maximum benefit.

Manages Dedicated People

A head-hunter simply sourcing specific talents will not fit the bill. Rather a strategic partner ready with the proper network of tried and tested people, who they have worked with in the past and can vouch for their on-going motivation, is more effective. Such talent can be trusted to work autonomously and with your teams on getting the job done right.

Scales Teams with Speed and Agility

Project scopes will fluctuate depending upon many factors. It is best to have a solid vendor which can move in and out of projects, as your team does. Working closely with a strategic partner will allow them to prepare for project scope changes, both dynamically and planned. They should be close to a PM, helping to assure optimal response rates to any seen and unforeseen situations.

Ensures Data Continuity and Protection

Data is the most valuable asset currently on the planet and data protection + privacy remains crucial to the survival of any company. Considering the dedication to each project, strategic partners go to great lengths towards preserving the integrity and protection of all information gathered.

This is done to assure quality and continuity of all work, irrespective of those people assigned to any given project. Having a partner with such focus on the data process allows for a seamless transfer of information and assures the highest quality of protection of the portfolio.

Advises on IT Projects and Strategy

Your vendor can serve as more than a talent pool at the calling, for optimal results they need to have a finger on the pulse of your projects and business. This will make all the difference between a vendor, whom you call on when needed, and a strategic partner which can anticipate movements and act accordingly even before you think to contact them. For this to be successful, a strategic partner requires a close working relationship with leadership and lead teams, with a 360 degree overview of project planning.