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Welcome To KPG, Inc.

The Knowledge Power Group, Inc. (or KPG) is a technological solutions and consulting company located on the Island of Puerto Rico. Our practical solutions deliver actionable and measurable business results that inform decision making, optimize IT efficiency, and improve business performance.

KPG began operation in the year 2006 as a reaction to the need for service optimization focused on providing productivity and efficiency. These business needs are also the catalyst for KPG’s recent innovations in cloud services, our transformation into an industry leader and an international technology provider.

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Why Us?

We like to think of ourselves more like a valued partner. Our professional staff of dedicated developers will work hard to deliver on projects; on time, within scope, and within budget.

We are able to leverage the latest tools, technology and the industry’s best practices to architect, design, build, test and implement powerful solutions that offer positive and profitable results for businesses in various fields. Our solutions are made to help your organization achieve the momentum that will drive future growth and facilitate greater success.

KPG is a proud member of the Microsoft Partners Network and we are certified in a variety of Microsoft tools and technologies that make it possible to develop better products and solutions. Our most successful products are 100% made with Microsoft and are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Made In Puerto Rico,
But With A Global Mindset

Our president , Dario Ayala began a series of ambitious initiatives two years ago to work on the cloud and create Microsoft technology-based cloud products that were sorely needed by different organizations, across industries, and all over the world to optimize costs and maximize profitability.

Thanks to Dario’s forward thinking and the dedication and hard work by the KPG Team, Sophos CLS was created, the first of several SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that have propelled KPG forward to success and onto international markets.

KPG has become a Cloud powerhouse and as a result we are present and actively engaged in offering and providing our services across in the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America. Our SaaS applications are proudly made in Puerto Rico and, thanks to the nature of Cloud Applications, can be used literally anywhere at anytime.