Data storage and migration


Data storage and migration service

IT administrators have begun to prioritize migrations and storage of their systems, for fear of losing data and disrupting digitized workflows. The main reason why our professionals are highly trained and have years of experience in storing or migrating seamlessly when moving databases, application code and entire systems to their new home.

Software migration

We provide migration services for applications, servers, operating systems, databases, websites and enterprise IT infrastructures, as well as virtual data migrations to mainframes, virtual machines and digital platforms. Our experts use comprehensive and risk-averse migration plans for manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing and deployment.

Server migration

We implement server migration solutions for middleware components, including BizTalk Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), .NET, Java and PHP, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Object Request Broker (ORBE).

Cloud migration

To better consolidate organizations’ data and leverage big data web services, we perform cloud-to-cloud and server-to-premises cloud migrations, moving assets to public, private or hybrid cloud environments. As a member of Microsoft Partners, KPG works hand in hand with the leading cloud computing system: Microsoft Azure. With more than 14 years of experience working with Microsoft tools.

Website migration

Our developers offer website migration services for companies whose sites currently lack bandwidth, require advanced functionality, or are hosted on inferior or crashed web servers. We use proven backup solutions and perform continuous load testing and performance tuning to ensure an optimized transition. Our team is experienced in migrating sites to and from different websites (Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy) and CMS (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace).

Database migration

We program customized services to migrate databases to new servers, database management systems (DBMS) and file formats, doing everything possible to ensure data integrity, along the way migrating multiple data types as well as business logic schemas, using ETL (extract-transform-load) best practices and robust version control protocols.

Enterprise platform migration

Our developers perform rapid upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms, migrate all data and business logic to new platforms. Our KPG team is trained to work with different enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

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+16 years of development and maintenance of applications that manage social welfare cases and audit the use of federal funds.

Xiloh LMS technology implemented by a leader in electronic transactions for the training of the company's internal personnel and suppliers.

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