A new phenomenon is being identified in team management, as technology leaders are facing a huge burden of costly attrition apparently due to lack of motivation. Until a few years ago, companies exchanged loyalty and loyalty for stability, but today in uncertain environments such as the one we live in globally or VUCA environments, which stands for Volatility (V), Uncertatinty (V), Uncertainty (V), Uncertainty (V), Uncertainty (V), Uncertainty (V), Uncertainty (V) and Uncertainty (V). (U), Complexity (C) and Ambiguity (A), is starting to become the biggest challenge posed by the digital era, even in agile management, a methodology that has been very successful so far in technology projects.

It seems that the sum of variables such as teleworking, generalized social fatigue, all added to a context of complex technological developments often perceived as endless and exhausting, generates frustration, which has a direct impact on the employee-company relationship.

Keeping a motivated team requires having a team open to change, to problem solving with high communication skills and self-management, finding it can be a process that involves a huge effort that often does not have successful results, so often outsourcing the recruitment of talent is an excellent way, in the traditional way to find and assemble an efficient team is very expensive in times of selection, evaluation and more today when the time-to-market is the difference between being a protagonist or co-protagonist in digital business, then comes the problem of retaining that team without losing the learning curve, all this is complex, while outsourcing has already done the hard work, there are companies like Exsis Digital Angels that have already selected among many potential candidates and have found the most suitable for multiple positions in the technology area.

But the question remains, and the motivation to that team, now that I already have a ¨dream team¨ how can we retain that talent or increase engagement in our organization?

The answer is motivation 3.0, an intrinsic motivation, which only depends on each individual but is positively nourished by these 3 dimensions:

Autonomy, Learning, Purpose.


We like to make decisions, to be guided by ourselves, without exhaustive supervision, this gives us confidence, security, personal leadership, empowerment.


Learning means improving ourselves, continuous improvement, feeling that we are using our full potential generates satisfaction and is fun, and it also raises the need to further improve that skill and that becomes a never-ending ladder.


We all seek meaning and would like to belong to a company with a clear and coherent purpose in its actions, earning money is a goal but it does not generate pride or belonging, if it does adopt the company’s purpose as our own and generate corporate pride from it, we are purpose amplifiers, not money amplifiers.


When motivation programs are implemented in processes of intellectual origin, prizes and incentives are obsolete, those are left for mechanical processes, the motivation needed by technological equipment will germinate internally when the values, desires and even personal ethics of the collaborator are aligned with the corporate purpose of each company, it is at that moment, when it adopts a philosophy, a cause that it can and will defend.