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Xiloh Cloud Learning

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Xiloh stands apart from other systems that exist, because of the way it is designed and how it works. The system is user-centric, simple to use and administrate.

Because of its simple User Interface, it allows managers to easily create/assign trainings, upload content, view reports and manage the system in order to comply with regulations. It is a learning ecosystem that incorporates continuous learning and lots of multimedia elements to capture attention that can be used within the system.

Also, because real learning takes exchange, the system has integrated live conferencing features, in-system messaging and alerts. It will not limit you to purely online training, it can be used for blended learning as well as online training/teaching elements combined with a live course.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay
~Henry Ford

Xiloh was intended from the beginning to be user-centric and to leverage the power and security of the Cloud. There is a huge difference between similar eLearning systems adapted to be used online and a system that has been designed from the beginning to work within the Cloud - in expandability, performance, and cost.

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