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2015 Summer Internships at KPG

HomeNoticias2015 Summer Internships at KPG
HomeNoticias2015 Summer Internships at KPG

2015 Summer Internships at KPG

posted in News by Javier Vélez

This summer’s interns at KPG were more than just University students working on a random project within a tech company. Andrew Santiago, Gil Reyes Melendez, and Gabriel Torres Fonseca proved to be valuable team members, each one tackling a different aspect of a major project that will be used in the near future.

Andrew learned to use Microsoft Azure Services and began a major project for KPG, worked on the backend of said project, as well as joined his fellow R & D members in a gruelling 24-hour Hackathon where he diligently represented the very best of what a programmer that works for KPG should be.

Gil had two goals for the summer: to create services for an application using Azure Mobile Services and to use Visual Studio to create the application that would connect to those Azure Services. He learned to use both Microsoft Azure Mobile Services and Visual Studio + MVC here at KPG.

Gabriel had a major challenge as well. He had to learn a new framework and apply his knowledge and the new tools he learned to create an application for the Android OS platform that would use live data from Microsoft Azure.

All of our interns proved to be up to the challenge and successfully completed their assignments on a level that would give seasoned professionals a run for their money. Andrew, Gil, and Gabriel are what real programmers should be: versatile, knowledge-hungry and egger to take on tough challenges and learn new skills.

Upon graduating from their respective Universities any of them would be an asset for any tech company looking to hire quality programmer/developers.

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12 08, 15

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