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Sophos CLS becomes an award winning application

HomeNoticiasSophos CLS becomes an award winning application
HomeNoticiasSophos CLS becomes an award winning application

Sophos CLS becomes an award winning application

posted in News by Javier Vélez

For those of us that have worked on Sophos CLS and have had it grow from humble HTML into the Windows Azure hosted Cloud Learning Solution Application that we know today, its very gratifying to know that it is recognized by people and organizations as a well built, powerful application that can truly benefit its user base.

The KPG Team actively pursues higher levels of knowhow, new code techniques, and methodologies in order to improve and stay ahead of the tech curve. In the Tech Industry it is understood that we cannot be satisfied with what we know at this moment in time, we have to be ever improving and evolving. KPG is making big waves because our team embodies this philosophy and its reflected in our work.

Sophos CLS was recently honored with the 2015 Award for Quality in Technology from the Made in Puerto Rico (Hecho en Puerto Rico) organization. Its something very special when the organization that is dedicated to the quality in products for the country you live in recognizes that something created within our walls, that we’ve poured our blood, code, and tears into deserves recognition.

This month Sophos CLS was also honored with the 2015 Microsoft LATAM Partner of the Year Award, Cloud Platform: Application Innovation. Its something epic when a powerhouse like Microsoft honors an application like this. Sophos CLS has, not only opened international doors, allowing KPG to enter into 5+ countries to do business, it has also brought the KPG Team renown from our partner companies. The successes of Sophos CLS are a testament to the quality, talent, and dedication of the KPG Team.

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2015 has been a crazy year so far. Stay tuned, we are just getting started.

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04 06, 15

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