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  • Enable Tomcat Native on Solaris SPARC

    posted in DevBlog by Marcos Acevedo

    Of all the bizarre things that are required to do on our day to day I had this one in the back burner for some time now. A while ago I was tasked to setup a few Apache Tomcat instances to serve a Java web application in the current infrastructure. Part of the challenge was to curb the poor performance given by the existing product being utilized in production to serve as a JEE container for their primary Java based web application. Tomcat by default usually results in a lighter install and is relatively easy to set up in most cases but in this particular infrastructure there were other considerations in the stack that impacted our approach to performance tuning. Apache provides a native library that should result in a performance increase across the board.

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    01 Jun, 15
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

    posted in DevBlog by Michael Díaz

    Data is crucial raw material in this, the information era. Data storage and management have become the focus of database design and implementation. Today, the reason for collecting, storing, and managing data is to generate information that become the basis for rational decision making.

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    18 Mar, 15